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Holistic Essentials

Churna Pinda Sveda Bags - One Pair

Churna Pinda Sveda Bags - One Pair

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  • Each poultice is packed with a select mixture of Ayurvedic massage powders renowned for their healing attributes.
  • Designed to cater to both Ayurvedic massage and joint care
  • Natural method to ease joint pain and muscle stiffnes
  • Available in EU and worldwide


Holistic Essentials' Churna Pinda Sveda Poultices: Ancient Healing for Modern Wellness

Introduction: Embrace the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with Holistic Essentials' Churna Pinda Sveda Poultices. Specially crafted for Ayurvedic massage and joint care, these poultices are a harmonious blend of herbal muscle relaxation techniques and traditional remedies. Ideal for those seeking natural solutions for joint discomfort and muscle tension.


  • Joint Care and Comfort: Regular use of these poultices can assist in alleviating joint pain, making them an essential part of Ayurvedic joint care.
  • Muscle Relaxation: The herbal ingredients work synergistically to relax tense muscles, offering relief and rejuvenation.
  • Deep Penetrating Heat: When warmed, the poultices provide deep penetrating heat that helps in reducing stiffness and improving circulation.

How to Use:

  1. Warm the Poultices: Heat the poultices gently until they are comfortably warm.
  2. Apply During Massage: Use the warm poultices to massage the body, focusing on areas of discomfort or tension.
  3. Follow Churna Pinda Sweda Procedure: Implement the traditional techniques of Churna Pinda Sweda by applying the poultices in a systematic manner, as per the Ayurvedic guidelines.

Our Quality Assurance:

  • Holistic Essentials is committed to providing the highest quality Ayurvedic products. Our poultices are made with all-natural ingredients and are carefully crafted to ensure they meet our stringent quality standards.

Conclusion: Holistic Essentials' Churna Pinda Sveda Poultices offer an authentic and effective way to incorporate ancient healing remedies into your health and wellness routine. Whether used for personal care or in a professional spa setting, these poultices are an essential tool for anyone seeking holistic healing and relaxation.

Key Ingredients

Product Features:

Authentic Ayurvedic Massage Powder: Each poultice is filled with a carefully selected blend of Ayurvedic massage powders, known for their therapeutic properties.

Natural Herbal Ingredients: Infused with a variety of herbs that are traditionally used in Ayurvedic joint care and muscle relaxation.

Versatility in Ancient Healing Remedies: These poultices are perfect for implementing the Churna Pinda Sweda procedure, an age-old technique revered in Ayurvedic therapy for its effectiveness in relieving joint and muscle discomfort.

Easy-to-Use Design: The poultices are designed for ease of use, whether in a professional setting or at home.

How to Use

Instructions for Use:

  1. Gentle Heating of Poultices: Gradually warm the poultices to a suitable temperature.
  2. Application During Massage: Use the warmed poultices to massage the body, paying special attention to areas susceptible to discomfort or tension.
  3. Incorporate Churna Pinda Sveda Techniques: Apply the poultices systematically following the traditional Churna Pinda Sveda methods as per Ayurvedic principles.

Commitment to Purity

We source only the highest quality, 100% natural herbs and grains, ensuring they are grown, harvested, and processed without the use of chemicals, pesticides, or synthetic fertilisers. Our selection process is stringent, favouring natural and ethically harvested ingredients to preserve their medicinal properties and potency.

Eco-Conscious Packaging

Reduce waste and embrace sustainability with our eco-conscious packaging. We are committed to minimising our environmental footprint by utilising recyclable materials and minimising excess packaging. Our efforts aim to preserve the beauty of nature while ensuring your product arrives safely and responsibly. Join us in our commitment to a greener future.

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