Low Cost Ayurvedic Clinic

Calling All Ayurvedic Doctors, Practitioners, Therapists, Yoga Teachers around the Globe.

Dr. Deepa Apte will run a Low Cost Ayurvedic Clinic from the spa in London:

Dates to be announced

It is part of a great initiative for Ayurvedic and Yoga professionals around the globe who would want to run their own low cost clinics at the same time as well.

This will not only help you bring more healing energy into your centres and spaces, but it will also hugely help those people who genuinely need support.


Individuals could run their low cost clinic either in person or online.
30 minute appointment slots. You can choose how many you want to do during the day.

Minimal cost for consultation. You can arrange a price to suit you. I usually charge between £10 to £15 for 30 minute consultations

Simple suggestions and remedies given to clients to follow at home

Suggestions could be from foods, herbs, massages (in clinic or at home) yoga, daily routine.

This initiative is to bring people together.

It would be a week long of spreading Sattva and some positive Karma Yoga.

It will also help to promote your own practices.

If you are interested in taking part in the One Week Low Cost Ayurvedic Clinic Project, please contact enquiry@ayurvedapura.com.

Dr. Deepa Apte can promote your low cost clinic details and will forward information on how to successfully carry out these clinics.