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Holistic Essentials

Orange & Fennel Bliss™ - Bio-Kräutertee

Orange & Fennel Bliss™ - Bio-Kräutertee

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  • 20 eco-conscious tea bags in environmentally friendly packaging
  • Herbs that are 100% certified organic
  • A calming blend of palate-cleansing fennel, orange peel, and ginger
  • Aids in harmonizing Vata Dosha for mental and physical relaxation
  • Perfect for both vegetarians and vegans
  • Free from artificial preservatives and flavors
  • Designed for individuals of all ages and body types
  • Purchase options available in EU and globally


Diese genüssliche Mischung aus reinigendem Fenchel und besinnlichen Tönen von Zimt, Orangenschalen und Ingwer hat die renommierte 3-Sterne Auszeichnung des „Great Taste Award UK“ erhalten. 100% zertifizierte Bio-Kräuter sorgen für Ruhe und Entspannung bei jeder Tageszeit und helfen, die Doshas wieder ins Gleichgewicht zu bringen.


Enthält 20 Teebeutel in umweltfreundlicher Verpackung. Beutel zum Erhalt der Frische einzeln verpackt. Mit kochendem Wasser übergießen und 6 Minuten ziehen lassen.

Unser Reinheitsversprechen

Alle enthaltenen Zutaten stammen von ausgesuchten Bauern und aus ökologisch-zertifizierter Landwirtschaft. Unsere große Aufmerksamkeit und Sorgfalt bei Herstellung und Entwicklung machen unsere Produkte authentisch und einzigartig. Alle Zutaten werden laufend auf ihre Qualität hin untersucht.

Key Ingredients

Green Tea, Cinnamon, Cloves, Ginger, Black Pepper and Fennel

How to Use

Brewing Instructions:

Our organic herbal tea bags are packaged in recyclable envelopes, ensuring the preservation of the ingredients' natural benefits. To enjoy a soothing cup, immerse the tea bag in boiling water for approximately 6 minutes. Orange & Fennel Bliss™ offers a rejuvenating experience, perfect for any time of day – morning, afternoon, or evening.


Q. How often can you Orange & Fennel Bliss™?- Holistic Essentials' Ayurvedic Orange & Fennel Bliss™ can be consumed anytime of the day or evening.

Q. What is Dosha (body type) is best suited to drink this tea?- This tea was formulated for the Vata (body type). However, it can be consumed by anyone.

Q. Is it safe to drink Orange & Fennel Bliss™ everyday?- Yes it is safe to consume everyday.

Q. What are the key ingredients in Orange & Fennel Bliss™?- The key ingredients are fennel, orange peel and ginger.

Q. Do I need to add anything else to the tea?- No other herbs are need to be added. Just add hot water and steep for 5 to 6 minutes.

Q. Is it Natural? Vegan?- Holistic Essentials' Orange & Fennel Bliss™ is 100% Certified Organic. It is completely Vegan.

Q. Do you ship overseas?- We do ship overseas.

Q. Can I collect my order in person?- You can collect you order at the spa located in North Greenwich - London

Q. Can I drink it if I am pregnant?- Yes our Orange and Fennel Bliss™ can be consumed safely by someone who is pregnant. However, we always encourage to follow the advice of your GP.

Q. When to have Orange & Fennel Bliss™?- Our tea can be enjoy at anytime of the day or evening. It is particularly popular when anxious or at night with those with difficulty sleeping.

Q. Does Orange & Fennel Bliss™ have caffeine?- There is no caffeine in Orange & Fennel Bliss™

Q. Does Orange & Fennel Bliss™ help you sleep?- Orange & Fennel Bliss™ has long been used to help support rest and sleep through the calming and balancing of the nervous system.

Q. Is Orange & Fennel Bliss™ safe for everyone?- Orange & Fennel Bliss™ is safe for everyone. We do advise if you are on medications or concerned to check with your Ayurvedic Practitioner or GP.

Commitment to Purity

Our steadfast dedication to authenticity shines through in our choice of globally sourced, hand-selected organic ingredients. This relentless quest for purity and excellence sets Holistic Essentials apart. Each blend undergoes rigorous scrutiny by experienced professionals, guaranteeing an impeccable experience with every sip.

Eco-Conscious Packaging

Reflecting our commitment to the environment, our packaging is designed with sustainability in mind. Inside each box, you'll find 20 tea sachets, meticulously crafted to maintain freshness, turning your tea experience into an eco-friendly delight.

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