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Holistic Essentials

Autumn Cleanse Kit

Autumn Cleanse Kit

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  • Each kit contains 100% Certified Organic Products 
  • Rejuvenates the liver and enhances overall health.
  • Contents: Chyawanprash (500g), Triphala Capsules (60 Capsules), Ayurvedic Golden Milk (170g), Orange & Fennel Bliss™ Box, De-Stress Formula Massage Oil (200ml), Dashamoola Mix
  • Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans
  • Pure and Natural, free from artificial colors and preservatives
  • Available in EU and worldwide


Presenting the Autumn Cleanse Kit by Holistic Essentials – the ideal partner for a refreshing and cleansing shift into the new season. Dive into the heart of autumn with our carefully chosen collection of Ayurvedic gems, crafted to bring harmony to your body, mind, and soul in tune with the seasonal changes.

Welcome the Change of Season:

The Autumn Cleanse Kit from Holistic Essentials is crafted to assist you in welcoming the transition to the cooler, crisper days with energy and equilibrium. Whether your goal is to enhance your immune function, purify your body, or seek a tranquil moment amidst the season's hustle, this kit equips you with everything necessary for a comprehensive autumnal cleanse.

Key Ingredients

Discover the Contents of the Autumn Cleanse Kit:

  • Chyawanprash (500g): This nutrient-rich Ayurvedic jam is infused with a multitude of revitalizing herbs and spices. Celebrated for its ability to enhance immunity, this time-honored recipe is perfect for bolstering your body’s defenses during the seasonal transition.
  • Triphala Capsules (60 Capsules): Known for its purifying properties, Triphala is a potent herbal concoction that gently detoxifies and cleanses the digestive tract. It’s a well-balanced support for digestive health and regularity, essential for your optimal well-being.
  • Ayurvedic Golden Milk (170g): Enjoy the comforting embrace of Ayurvedic Golden Milk, a turmeric-infused concoction designed to soothe both mind and body. Ideal for unwinding in the evening, this blend bolsters the immune system and offers anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • Orange & Fennel Bliss™ Box: Enhance your cleanse with the unique Orange & Fennel Bliss™ Box. The refreshing mix of citrus and sweet fennel not only invigorates but also facilitates digestion and boosts your overall feeling of wellness.
  • De-Stress Formula Massage Oil (200ml): Relieve stress and tension with our De-Stress Formula Massage Oil, enriched with soothing herbs. This premium oil is ideal for self-massage, promoting relaxation while enhancing circulation.
  • Dashamoola Mix: Immerse yourself in the essence of Ayurvedic healing with Dashamoola, a traditional blend of ten medicinal roots. It supports the respiratory system, aids in detoxification, and alleviates physical discomfort, serving as a fundamental element of your autumn cleansing routine.

Welcoming the Seasonal Shift:

The Autumn Cleanse Kit by Holistic Essentials is meticulously assembled to assist you in smoothly transitioning into the cooler days ahead with renewed energy and harmony. Whether your aim is to strengthen your immune system, cleanse your body, or find peace amidst the season’s activity, this kit delivers the essential tools for a full holistic cleanse this autumn.

How to Use

Please note that while this kit serves as a complete resource for integrating Ayurvedic practices into your autumn routine, it does not come with detailed instructions. Typically, this kit is used as part of a structured Autumn cleanse program. Should you decide to use it independently, we urge you to attune to your body's needs and tailor your use of these products to align with your personal health journey.

Commitment to Purity

Our Pledge to Pure Quality: We meticulously source our ingredients from certified organic and natural farms recognized for their exemplary standards, underscoring our dedication to genuine product excellence and integrity. In choosing only the finest ingredients, our goal is to cultivate enduring confidence among our clientele. Each ingredient is thoroughly vetted by proficient specialists to ensure it is devoid of heavy metals, bacteria, and fungi, safeguarding the purity and safety of our offerings.

Eco-Conscious Packaging

Our packaging is thoughtfully designed with a strong focus on environmental preservation, featuring materials that can be both recycled and reused to boost safety and foster sustainable practices. Dedicated to minimizing our impact on the planet, we choose materials that balance functionality with environmental responsibility. We champion the causes of recycling and reuse, encouraging all to play a part in effecting a significant positive change for our planet through each product we offer.

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