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Holistic Essentials

Ashwagandha Herbal Capsules - Certified Organic

Ashwagandha Herbal Capsules - Certified Organic

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  • 100% Certified Organic Herb
  • Natural Herbal Food Supplement - 60 capsules
  • Most adaptogenic herb to bring a sense of calm and tranquility. for the mind and nervous system and reduces stress
  • For optimal results, we recommend taking 1-2 capsules three times a day with water or as directed by a healthcare professional.
  • Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans
  • Free of sodium, yeast, gluten, sugar, artificial colors and flavors.
  • Available in EU and worldwide



Experience Stress Relief with Holistic Essentials' Pure Ashwagandha

Navigating the demands of a hectic lifestyle often results in stress and fatigue. Holistic Essentials offers a natural remedy in the form of our Organic Ashwagandha capsules, a revered Ayurvedic herb known for centuries to restore balance and vitality.

Ashwagandha: A Natural Stress-Reliever

Renowned in Ayurveda for its calming properties, Ashwagandha is a powerful adaptogen that aids in achieving tranquility and equilibrium amidst daily pressures, acting as a sanctuary for those seeking relief from stress.

Pure and Potent Ashwagandha from Holistic Essentials

We provide Ashwagandha in its most authentic and unaltered form, ensuring that you reap the full range of its natural benefits.

Certifiably Organic and Suitable for Vegetarians

Adhering to the European Council Regulation (EC) standards, our Ashwagandha supplement is certified organic, guaranteeing purity and quality. Additionally, it has received approval from the UK's Vegetarian Society.

Bottle Details: Each bottle houses 60 capsules (500mg) that align with diverse dietary needs, being free from sodium, yeast, gluten, sugar, artificial colors, and flavors.

Our Commitment to Purity:

Holistic Essentials is devoted to your health and wellness. Our selection of certified organic and naturally sourced herbs results in products that stand out for their authenticity. We strive to forge trusting relationships with our patrons, emphasizing transparency and premium ingredients.

Our rigorous quality assurance process includes comprehensive testing for heavy metals, bacteria, and fungus by seasoned experts, prioritizing your health and contentment.

Usage Guidelines:

For optimal benefits, consume 1-2 capsules up to three times daily with water, or follow the guidance of a healthcare practitioner. Pregnant individuals or those under medical supervision should consult a healthcare professional before use.

Discover the rejuvenating effects of Holistic Essentials' Organic Ashwagandha—a genuine solution to stress and fatigue. Welcome the serenity and equilibrium nature intended for your fast-paced life.

1-2 capsules three times daily with water, or as directed by a healthcare professional. Consult a healthcare provider before use if pregnant or under medical supervision.


Key Ingredients

Bottle Contents:
Inside each bottle, you'll find 60 organic ashwagandha capsules (500mg), crafted to suit various dietary needs. These capsules are devoid of sodium, yeast, gluten, sugar, artificial colours, and flavours, offering a flexible option for everyone.

How to Use

To achieve the best outcomes, it is advised to consume 1-2 capsules three times daily with water or follow the guidance of a healthcare expert. Should you be pregnant or under medical care, please seek advice from your healthcare practitioner prior to incorporating this supplement into your regimen.

Commitment to Purity

At Holistic Essentials, we are dedicated to your wellness without compromise. We carefully choose certified organic and naturally grown herbs to create products that stand out for their authenticity. We prioritize building enduring relationships with our customers based on trust and the use of premium ingredients. Our rigorous quality assurance procedures involve thorough testing by seasoned professionals to ensure our herbs are free from heavy metals, bacteria, and fungi. Your health and satisfaction are paramount to us.

Eco-Conscious Packaging

At Holistic Essentials, we lead by example in eco-conscious initiatives, demonstrating our commitment through the use of recyclable glass bottles for our capsule products. Embracing glass not only reaffirms our dedication to planetary health by minimizing waste and conserving resources but also guarantees optimal preservation of our capsules' quality. By selecting our glass-packaged products, customers actively participate in shaping a sustainable future, with each purchase serving as a stride towards environmental stewardship and a zero-waste lifestyle.

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