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Holistic Essentials

Nourishing Hair Oil with Brahmi & Amla

Nourishing Hair Oil with Brahmi & Amla

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  • 100% Certified Organic, natural Ayurvedic hair oil 
  • Promotes stronger, thicker hair and addresses dandruff, breakage, split ends, and delays premature graying
  • Ingredients:  Brahmi and the vitamin C-rich Amla
  • Free from artificial perfume, parabens and petrochemicals, no animal testing
  • Directions : Apply to scalp and hair
  • Available in EU and worldwide


Revitalise Your Locks with Brahmi & Amla Enriched Hair Oil: Explore the Virtues of Ayurvedic Hair Care for Enhanced Growth

Transform your hair care approach with our enriched Nourishing Hair Oil, a premium Ayurvedic formula boasting the benefits of Brahmi and Amla. This oil is expertly crafted to foster healthy hair growth while tackling issues like dandruff, hair breakage, split ends, and premature greying. Consistent application results in vibrant, resilient, and deeply nourished hair.

Brahmi Amla Fusion for Total Hair Wellness:

Blending these vital ingredients, our Nourishing Hair Oil stands as a paragon of Ayurvedic hair care, made with 100% purity and naturalness. We source our ingredients from certified organic and natural farms.

Discover the enriching qualities of Brahmi and Amla with our Nourishing Hair Oil—a natural, authentic solution for robust hair growth, dandruff reduction, and minimising breakage and split ends. Witness the transformation to stronger, healthier hair.

Key Ingredients

Harnessing the Power of Brahmi & Amla:
Our oil is a symphony of Brahmi and Amla's potent properties, offering comprehensive hair care:

Brahmi: Revered for its revitalizing qualities, Brahmi fortifies hair roots, diminishes hair fall, and stimulates denser hair growth. It's also effective against dandruff and benefits the skin.
Amla: Rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, Amla feeds hair follicles, wards off early greying, and delivers a lustrous sheen. It also helps reduce hair breakage and split ends.


How to Use

  • For External Application: Gently massage into the scalp and hair.
  • Personalised Ayurvedic Consultation: Follow the advice of an Ayurvedic expert for customised benefits.

Commitment to Purity

Holistic Essentials is committed to genuine quality. We source our ingredients from certified organic and natural farms, rigorously checking them to be free from heavy metals, bacteria, and fungi. Our goal is to build lasting connections with our customers by always providing top-quality products.

Eco-Conscious Packaging

Motivated by our unwavering dedication to sustainability, we design our products using easily recyclable or repurposed food-grade plastics. This ensures user safety while championing environmental preservation. We meticulously choose materials that prioritize functionality and eco-consciousness, aiming to minimize our environmental footprint. Through our steadfast commitment to advocating for recycling and reuse, we strive to make a substantial contribution to a healthier planet with each product we create.

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