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Neti Pot - 100% Pure Copper

Neti Pot - 100% Pure Copper

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  • 100% Premium Copper Materia with antibacterial properties and durability.
  • Designed for efficient mucus removal and sinus rinsing, a gentle and natural solution to nasal congestion.
  • Use only distilled or sterilized water for preparing the solution, follow the provided Neti Pot, and Consult a healthcare provider before usage.
  • A non-invasive, drug-free method for maintaining nasal health, helps prevent sinus infections and improve overall nasal well-being.
  • Eco Friendly and Sustainable
  • Available in EU and worldwide


100% Copper Artisan Neti Pot: Elegantly Crafted for Natural Sinus Ease

Introduction: Embark on a journey to enhanced sinus health with our 100% Copper Artisan Neti Pot. This beautifully handcrafted nasal irrigation tool not only provides effective relief from sinus discomfort but also brings a touch of artisan elegance to your daily routine. As each piece is handmade, slight variations in appearance compared to the photograph are a testament to its individuality.

Product Highlights:

  • Genuine 100% Copper Construction: Sourced for its natural antibacterial qualities and lasting durability, our Neti Pots are crafted from the finest copper.
  • Individually Handcrafted: Each Neti Pot is meticulously shaped and polished by skilled artisans, offering a distinct and personal experience.
  • Efficient in Relieving Sinus Issues: Our copper Neti Pot is specifically designed to aid in clearing mucus and easing sinus rinsing, offering a soothing and natural way to address nasal congestion.
  • Function Meets Beauty: Designed for ease of use, its ergonomic structure is complemented by the aesthetic appeal of polished copper.


  • Superior Relief from Mucus and Sinus Discomfort: The use of copper in our Neti Pot enhances its efficacy in mucus clearance, providing significant sinus relief.
  • Holistic and Safe Approach: Offers a non-invasive, medication-free way to maintain nasal health.
  • Promotes Nasal Hygiene: Regular use aids in preventing sinus infections and boosts overall nasal health.

Safety Tips:

  • Only utilize distilled or properly sterilized water to prepare the rinsing solution.
  • Adhere to the accompanying Neti Pot instructions for a secure and effective sinus care routine.
  • If you have existing nasal or sinus health concerns, seek advice from a healthcare professional prior to use.

Conclusion: Our 100% Copper Artisan Neti Pot is more than a sinus care tool; it's an amalgamation of health, tradition, and sophistication. Incorporate the unique benefits of copper into your sinus care regime for an upgraded wellness experience.

Reminder: Each of our Copper Neti Pots is a unique masterpiece, embodying the essence of skilled craftsmanship and the purity of copper.

"I just received your copper neti and tongue scraper yesterday. Got up and used it for the first time this morning. LOVE IT. So much more of a cleansing effect than ceramic, plastic netis or stainless steel scrapers. Are they made in India? I would love to distribute the two products wholesale to local yoga studios here in Windsor. Can you give me details on wholesale prices and options and recommend any other products you might have."
Devon B, Canada

How to Use

Usage Guide:

  1. Solution Preparation: Blend warm, purified water with our exclusive Neti Pot saline in the copper vessel, ensuring a comfortable temperature and even mix.
  2. Correct Positioning: Over a sink, tilt your head sideways.
  3. Smooth Rinsing: Place the spout into the upper nostril and gently pour, allowing the saline to cleanse your nasal passage and exit the other nostril, effectively clearing mucus.
  4. Repeat for Thorough Cleansing: Conduct the same procedure with the alternate nostril for comprehensive sinus rinsing.
  5. Finish the Process: Gently blow your nose post-rinsing to remove any remaining solution and mucus.
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