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Holistic Essentials

Rise & Shine Kit

Rise & Shine Kit

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  • Each kit contains 100% Certified Organic Products 
  • Fills your energy when you need it the most, leaving ever lasting effects throughout the day!
  • Contents: Ginger & Lemon Zest Organic Herbal Tea- Tridoshic Blend, Herbal Daily Face Wash, Organic Rose Water, Daily Replenish Face Cream, usage guidelines, Complimentary Ayurveda Pura Cotton Bag
  • Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans
  • Pure and Natural, free from artificial colors and preservatives
  • Available in EU and worldwide


Would you like to start your day with energy and enthusiasm? This kit will help you to feel that energy when you need it the most leaving ever lasting effects throughout the day!

This Kit includes: Ginger & Lemon Zest Organic Herbal Tea- Tridoshic Blend, Herbal Daily Face Wash, Organic Rose Water, Daily Replenish Face Cream, a guideline how to use the products for maximum benefit and a Complimentary Ayurveda Pura Cotton Bag

“This is a great survival kit and you also get generous full sized bottles of the face wash and toner, a large tub of the cream and a large pot of the tea containing 35 teabags, enough to keep you going through the misery of January. It all comes with a cute cloth drawstring bag which you can store all your goodies in as well and it’s totally reusable once you’re done with the products.”
So Vain Magazine

Key Ingredients

Certainly! Here's a breakdown of the products included in the Rise & Shine Kit™ along with their potential benefits:

1. Ginger & Lemon Zest Organic Herbal Tea - Tridoshic Blend:
- Provides a refreshing and invigorating start to your day.
- Supports digestion and metabolism with the warming properties of ginger.
- Boosts immunity and provides antioxidant benefits with lemon zest.

2. Herbal Daily Face Wash:
- Cleanses the skin gently yet effectively, removing dirt, oil, and impurities.
- Helps maintain skin's natural moisture balance, leaving it feeling refreshed and revitalized.
- Contains herbal extracts that may soothe and rejuvenate the skin.

3. Organic Rose Water:
- Acts as a natural toner, balancing the skin's pH and tightening pores.
- Hydrates and refreshes the skin, providing a radiant complexion.
- Soothes irritation and inflammation, promoting overall skin health.

4. Daily Replenish Face Cream:
- Moisturises and nourishes the skin, keeping it hydrated throughout the day.
- Helps improve skin elasticity and firmness, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
- Contains antioxidants that protect the skin from environmental damage and premature aging.

5. Complimentary Ayurveda Pura Cotton Bag:
- Provides a convenient and eco-friendly way to carry your Rise & Shine Kit™ essentials.
- Promotes sustainability and reduces plastic waste.
- Can be reused for shopping, travel, or storage, adding versatility to your lifestyle.

How to Use

Ginger & Lemon Zest Organic Herbal Tea - Tridoshic Blend:

  • Boil water and steep one tea bag in a cup for 5-7 minutes.
  • Enjoy the aromatic blend of ginger and lemon zest to energize and uplift your senses.
  • Drink daily in the morning or as needed for a refreshing start to your day.
  • Herbal Daily Face Wash:
  • Wet your face with lukewarm water.
  • Apply a small amount of face wash to your fingertips and gently massage onto your face in circular motions.
  • Rinse thoroughly with water and pat dry.
  • Use twice daily, morning and evening, as part of your skincare routine.

Organic Rose Water:

  • After cleansing, spray a generous amount of rose water onto your face and neck.
  • Gently pat the skin to aid absorption.
  • Allow it to air dry or gently wipe off excess with a cotton pad.
  • Use daily as a toner or throughout the day to refresh and hydrate your skin.

Daily Replenish Face Cream:

  • After applying rose water, take a small amount of face cream and dot it onto your forehead, cheeks, chin, and neck.
  • Gently massage the cream into your skin using upward and outward motions until fully absorbed.
  • Use daily in the morning as the last step of your skincare routine.

Complimentary Ayurveda Pura Cotton Bag:

  • Use the cotton bag to store your Rise & Shine Kit™ products for easy access and organisation.
  • Take the bag with you on-the-go or use it for storing other essentials.
  • Reuse the bag whenever needed to promote sustainability and reduce waste.

Commitment to Purity

At Holistic Essentials, purity is the foundation of our mission. We meticulously select and formulate each product in the Rise & Shine Kit™ with the highest standards of purity and integrity. From sourcing raw ingredients to the final manufacturing process, we prioritize transparency, authenticity, and quality at every step.

We pledge to:

  • Source only the finest organic and natural ingredients, free from harmful chemicals, additives, and preservatives.
  • Adhere to strict quality control measures to ensure the cleanliness and potency of our products.
  • Provide products that are cruelty-free and environmentally sustainable, reflecting our commitment to ethical practices.
  • Continuously innovate and improve our formulations to meet the evolving needs of our customers while maintaining our unwavering dedication to purity.

With Holistic Essentials, you can trust that our Rise & Shine Kit™ is crafted with purity as our guiding principle, delivering effective and safe solutions for your holistic well-being.

Eco-Conscious Packaging

In our commitment to sustainability, we have carefully crafted the packaging for our Rise & Shine Kit™ to minimize environmental impact. Our packaging materials are thoughtfully selected to be eco-friendly, recyclable, and biodegradable whenever possible. By choosing sustainable packaging options, we aim to reduce waste and promote responsible consumption practices.

At Holistic Essentials, we believe that caring for your well-being goes hand in hand with caring for the planet. That's why we strive to make eco-conscious choices in every aspect of our product design, including packaging. Join us in our journey towards a greener, more sustainable future with the Rise & Shine Kit™.

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