Collection: Dosha: PITTA

Fire and Water

Pitta Dosha is the principle of transformation in all living organisms and is a combination of the elements fire and water. Pitta Dosha is closely related to the digestive system, metabolism, enzymes and glands in the body. The main characteristics of Pitta Dosha in any person are:

Characteristics can appear in the body as:
Heat Good appetite, strong digestive fire, body temperature is higher than normal, dislike of heat, early greying of hair.
Oiliness Oily skin which is soft. Dislike of oily food.
Fluidity Excess sweating, passing of excess urine, loose stools tendency towards diarrhoea, excess thirst.
Sour Acidity, teeth sensitive towards sour fruits, excess salivation. Sour eructation.
Sharpness Accurate memory, sharp teeth and sharp facial features with a pointed nose and penetrating eyes.
Pungent Burning sensation on skin, including eyes, throat and stomach. Feelings of anger and hatred.
Spreading Spread of any infection of the body e.g. a rash, acne etc. Tendency towards desiring fame.

Some of the bodily functions ruled by Pitta Dosha are:
  • digestion
  • metabolism
  • vision
  • heat and energy production
  • skin lustre
  • hunger
  • thirst
  • intelligence
  • courage
  • anger
The imbalance created by excess Pitta Dosha can be exacerbated by:
  • anger
  • extremes of sour, salty and spicy food
  • coffee, tea, alcohol, cigarettes
  • loud aggressive music
  • too much direct sunlight/ heat especially in summer